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QR Code FAQs

Codes can be created as either 'standard' or 'dynamic''s the difference:

A 'standard' code is used when you want the code to perform the exact same action every time it's scanned. The action it is created to do is the only thing it will ever do, and this CANNOT be changed after the code is created.

A 'dynamic' code can have its function changed as many times and as often as you'd like. We may create it for you as a way for customers to quickly follow you on Facebook, and a few weeks later you may change it to a webpage announcing your upcoming event, and then edit it to launch a video from that event afterwards. 


So this is really cool…but what does it cost? 

We will sit and talk to you about exactly what impression you want your custom code image to make. Then we'll go to work to create a QR Code concept that successfully portrays your message!  Your custom code will be a one-time charge of $400 (for a standard code) or $500 for a dynamic code. Once we create the art and you decide you love it, the code is yours! We'll send you the art in vector, press-ready formats so you can begin implementing it right away in any way you choose. 


What if I don't really know what image I want the code to portray?

No worries! We have clients that would rather us come up with several completely different looks for their custom code so they can choose what direction they want to go. We love being able to come up with multiple concepts….it really gives us a chance to stretch our creative legs! If you aren’t sure about the message you want the image of your code to send, we’ll do additional concepts for $250 each.


I need 3 codes because I want one dynamic code I can change all the time, and 2 standard codes that always link to my Facebook and my Twitter. What’s the cheapest way to do this?

Branding is important! We want your codes to generally appear identical to the naked eye and therefore reinforce your look/message. In this case, we would create your custom code look for your dynamic code, then create the 2 standard codes to look identical to it once you’ve approved the art for your custom code. These ‘duplications’ of existing art concepts are called ‘variants’, and variants are only $200 each. So in this example, you would pay $500 for the custom dynamic code and $200 each for the variants, for a one-time fee of $900 for all 3 codes! The art is then sent to you to begin implementing in any way you choose!


You said I could change what a ‘dynamic code’ does. Who makes that change, how much does the change cost, and how long does it take for the change to be made?

Great questions! With a dynamic code, you will have a subscription to our software platform to manage your code(s). You will be able to log in to our system and make any changes you’d like, whenever you want, as many times as you want! It’s unlimited! Changes you make will immediately affect your code….once you change it, it will reflect this change everywhere your code is displayed. Your subscription also gives you access to the analytics/statistics of your code(s)…see ‘What do I need a subscription for?’ below for details.


What do I need a subscription for?

Your monthly subscription gives you the ability to log in to our system and have complete control of your dynamic QR code(s)!  A subscription is not needed for standard codes.

You will be able to see all the analytics & statistics of your code(s), which includes the following information:

- total number of times the code has been scanned

- the number of 'unique' scans (will tell you how many users have scanned the code)

- the location in which the code was scanned (city, state, country)

- the date & time the code was scanned

- the scanning device make and model

 The location information is available to you on an interactive zoom-able map, giving you an 'at a glance' overview of where your marketing pieces are getting noticed. 

Even better, your subscription allows you to change what your dynamic code does, at any time, as often as you like! You may decide to run a contest with your code for a week, then change it back to giving your latest special, then maybe link it to a video of your newest product or service. Just log in to our system, make your change, and every code you've already distributed will automatically be affected! No need to create a new sales piece....with a QR Code, your existing piece is updated every time you change your code!


Subscription pricing is set up to accommodate multiple codes:

$30/month allows you to manage up to 5 codes

$50/month allows you to manage up to 10 codes

$100/month allows you to manage up to 25 codes

$175/month allows you to manage up to 50 codes

Over 50 code programs, please call for special pricing

If you’d prefer to pay yearly instead of monthly, just pay for 10 months and we’ll give you the other 2 months for free!


Wait…I want a ‘standard’ code, not a dynamic one. Do I need a subscription?

Nope! Your subscription gives you analytics/statistics, which we highly recommend to help gauge the amount of exposure your marketing is getting…but if you don’t feel that’s something you need, the choice is up to you. A standard code isn’t programmed for gathering analytics and therefore a subscription isn’t necessary. Keep in mind that once a ‘standard’ code is created, the analytics programming CANNOT be added after the fact.

Words of Wisdom

"Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising."
Jef I. Richards

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